The decision is yours. If its construction contracts/project, purchasing equipment, industry negotiations, international contracts, work related issues, purchasing a yacht/boat, or signing a pre-nuptial agreement, we have the experience to deliver an outcome that will be satisfactory to both parties.

Prevent and Manage

We are well positioned to resolve tensions in every situation and get you what you desire.

The intricate details of conducting personal or professional business alone may seem confusing and overwhelming at times; especially if you are not as knowledgeable or experienced in all phases of the process.

No matter if you are purchasing a home or selling your business, sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you lack control and certainty of the desired outcome. These type of situations produce helplessness, anxiety and desperation that ultimately influence the decision making.

Even for those who are experts at what they do; those who believe they are skilled negotiators themselves can utilize a negotiator when the risks are too high to go it alone.

We have 30 years of business experience, knowledge and expertise We can provide efficient and effective negotiating to allot the maximum available value to the satisfaction of both parties. We have a wide range of experience working with components of Fortune 500 companies. We have provided services to both the private and public sector in their complex business needs. Some of are clients include start-up companies in radio and broadcasting communication and consulting in domestic and international transactions. We have the experience to negotiate for an individual or organizations of all sizes-from entrepreneurs to international companies.

We are not a real estate broker or real estate agent. We provide professional services of negotiating and mediating. As well as negotiation consulting when a third person is not appropriate for some business interactions.